Monday, November 17, 2008

Communication Barrier

My biggest challenge in interacting with the Pre K students was communication. My experience with the Pre K was like trying to interact with someone that speaks a foreign language. Leading an activity with the Pre K students was difficult because I had to speak slowly and with clear directions as to what I wanted them to do exactly. When explaining the directions for Magic Orb tag I took back directions that I said incorrectly and that alone was enough to lose interest. After I explained everything, everyone just sat there, not even my class mates knew the objective of the game. This really made me focus on preparing directions before arriving at St. Mary’s and in a clear manner so everyone understands the concept of the activity. I also learned not to give them equipment or split them into groups before giving directions because they are distracted more easily.
I enjoyed working with the Pre K students versus the older age students because the older kids are harder to entertain and gain interest in the prepared activities. The Pre K students on the other hand want to participate in our activities even if they are silly or focus on the skill more. With the younger kids you can take any piece of equipment and use the imagination to make a fun game with the materials you have making it easier to motivate them and get them to participate.

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