Saturday, October 24, 2009

Swimming Lessons Fall 09' Session

International Lab C

International Lab C - Clogging

This lesson on clogging was something new for most of our peers. I feel that the criteria for Lab C in general added a challenge because our activities are not the most common activities played. For example, most of our class mates were unfamiliar with clogging so it increased interest level and focused on a dance versus a sport.

I feel that overall the lesson ran smoothly and was well organized (see verbal transcript). The instant activity kept students moving and gave me the opportunity to visually assess the skill level of the class, when moving and keeping a beat/rhythm. The visual aid was large and color coded for easy understanding. The aid showed a clear break down of the steps we learned and what foot lead each step. Using a variety of mini progressions in the beginning was successful in having the whole class learn the two basic steps, which combined differently, made up each cue. Adding a few extra steps and reinforcing the syllables with our cues increased the success rate in the group overall. Michelle was able to incorporate intra task variation quickly during her lesson because the basic steps I covered were understood initially.

In order to improve this lesson, I would have to overcome the challenge of providing all students with the ability to tap and produce sound. An idea of a stretchy strap or rubberband with a metal piece or coin attatched; this could easily be placed around the shoe or sneaker to make a tap noise. This would increase the success rate of the students by adding an extra form of feedback to the dance. The tap sound being produced enhances the students ability in timing and successful repetition of the step.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I began working at the YWCA this summer and have been able to meet some amazing people here in the town of Cortland. One lady Mrs. SC began comming to lap swim during my shift and we began sharing stories. I would have never guessed that she had only recently began swimming and was already doing laps up and down the pool.
"I haven't been swimming in sixteen years."
Unfortunatly, SC had lost her lower extremeties due to blood clotting. She said she was terrified of the water due to this loss and figured she would sink. The doctor suggested swimming and water therapy to help SC with problematic nerve endings so she tried it out.
Turns out she is quite a 'bobber,'as she puts it, and swims 4-5 days per week. During my shifts, I have watched her progress from a few laps to a quarter mile and recently a half mile. She has become somewhat of a mother figure and gives me the best advise, she is extremely inspiring and has helped to shape the person I am today. Thank you SC and Just Keep Swimming!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Midnight Volleyball

My team: Captain Brandon
David Jason Matt Dustin Tashet and Jess

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Cup Stacking

Speed Stacking at the Mini Conference. The presentation held on Speed Stacking showed a variety of ways to implement stacking in a Physical Education classroom setting. Implementation in the form of tournaments and elimination type races were demonstrated. The set up used a variety of sized cups and would have rounds set up. A set of four cups and then a set of two and then just one at the final table. This elimination begins with four competitors but only the two fastest that make it to the next set of cups continue on; the last person is able to stack for a time at the final table and would have to complete a complete circut.
Champion Cup Stacker in the 8-10 year old male category. Showing off at the National Convention.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Ultimate Frisbee Lesson

This lab involved teaching progressions that can be used when playing ultimate frisbee.

TASK: teach a back and forth drill with one partner on the move in a small circle
CUES: Throw, Catch, Pivot, Throw
CHALLENGE: Your partner will be running back and forth (side to side) you will throw the frisbee to your partner and when they are on the other side of you then you will pivot and throw the frisbee again

Overall, I feel that my strengths lie within my introduction and amount of feedback I gave to the class (verbal transcript). I had high energy and was able to project my voice efficiently throughout the entire lesson. Looking back on how I conducted my lesson, I feel that I should have done a few things differently. To prevent confusion and make sure everyone obtained a clear understanding of the task I should have provided the demonstration before I sent groups of three to spread out all over the gym. Also, I decided to compare my drill to a drill that was taught before mine instead of explaining it in its entirety. This caused some confusion in what was expected in the task. Once the groups began the drill things ran smoothly. I was able to provide adequate feedback to a majority of the class and give different adaptations to the task to increase difficulty.