Friday, April 10, 2009

AAHPERD National Convention 2009

After a long day of traveling and settling into our hotel, our group of over 20 students represented SUNY Cortland at a session called the Brazilian Dance party! We paired up and participated in numerous group dances and learned the meanings behind each. One dance involved a series of three different dance sequences which are used to Welcome in different cultures. Another involved the gentlemen leading his partner in a 'city walk.' While walking the partners stop to greet others and parade though a long tunnel; this represents a community celebration. The city walk was a great icebreaker and we had the opportunity to dance with others. At one point the gentlemen stayed in one position and their partner moved to the gentlemen behind them at the same time, giving everyone new partners. We repeated this three times and a quick introduction and laugh was shared between each person we met and then we continued exchanging forward until we reached our origional partner again. While parading in the city walk I got these pics.

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