Saturday, September 19, 2009

Mini Teaching - Take 2

These mini teaching experiences really allow each member of our class to be able to assess personal progress throughout the semester and pinpoint strengths and weaknesses in our teaching. After watching my lesson on sprawling in the game of volleyball, I feel I am able to adequately give a specific task along with cues and demonstration however I could have improved on giving my safety statement (verbal transcript). Although I asked the group to spread out, I should have placed them in two lines and spaced so I could see every other person, this would eliminate the group of gentlemen that were rolling into each other on the floor when recovering from the sprawl. With the formation in which I taught the skill and then the following drill, I was unable to get time to apply intratask variation and personal feedback to each individual. I feel that if I had designed the drill differently and had three people pass to the first three sprawlers, then after sprawling become the new passers, I could have had time to go around to each person as they performed the drill. Compared to the majority of the class, I feel that I use and am able to project my voice efficiently while also showing enthusiam in the skill I was teaching. I decided to take a step out in teaching sprawling, something a little more involved than a simple forearm pass, set and attack and I feel this was a good choice for my lesson. It is a skill that is useful in game play and is often overlooked when teaching the basic skills.
I look forward to my next teaching experience!


Melissa said...

Mindy you did a great job on your second take. Your voice was very good throughout the entire lesson and your demonstration was able to show each student how to complete the skill. You were also able to give good feedback to different students. great job!! and its only going to get easier.

Anonymous said...

Mindy I feel that you were very comfortable with teaching this lesson. You had no fear in what you were teaching and you did it right to the point. You had your cues that were simple to understand. The use of your voice I could even hear on the tape and was also clear. The only thing I would be worried about is the lines in your drill. Most kids do not get a lot of touches or tries at it or movement but I know it is hard in four mins. Very well done.