Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I began working at the YWCA this summer and have been able to meet some amazing people here in the town of Cortland. One lady Mrs. SC began comming to lap swim during my shift and we began sharing stories. I would have never guessed that she had only recently began swimming and was already doing laps up and down the pool.
"I haven't been swimming in sixteen years."
Unfortunatly, SC had lost her lower extremeties due to blood clotting. She said she was terrified of the water due to this loss and figured she would sink. The doctor suggested swimming and water therapy to help SC with problematic nerve endings so she tried it out.
Turns out she is quite a 'bobber,'as she puts it, and swims 4-5 days per week. During my shifts, I have watched her progress from a few laps to a quarter mile and recently a half mile. She has become somewhat of a mother figure and gives me the best advise, she is extremely inspiring and has helped to shape the person I am today. Thank you SC and Just Keep Swimming!

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