Sunday, October 4, 2009

Ultimate Frisbee Lesson

This lab involved teaching progressions that can be used when playing ultimate frisbee.

TASK: teach a back and forth drill with one partner on the move in a small circle
CUES: Throw, Catch, Pivot, Throw
CHALLENGE: Your partner will be running back and forth (side to side) you will throw the frisbee to your partner and when they are on the other side of you then you will pivot and throw the frisbee again

Overall, I feel that my strengths lie within my introduction and amount of feedback I gave to the class (verbal transcript). I had high energy and was able to project my voice efficiently throughout the entire lesson. Looking back on how I conducted my lesson, I feel that I should have done a few things differently. To prevent confusion and make sure everyone obtained a clear understanding of the task I should have provided the demonstration before I sent groups of three to spread out all over the gym. Also, I decided to compare my drill to a drill that was taught before mine instead of explaining it in its entirety. This caused some confusion in what was expected in the task. Once the groups began the drill things ran smoothly. I was able to provide adequate feedback to a majority of the class and give different adaptations to the task to increase difficulty.

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