Saturday, October 24, 2009

International Lab C

International Lab C - Clogging

This lesson on clogging was something new for most of our peers. I feel that the criteria for Lab C in general added a challenge because our activities are not the most common activities played. For example, most of our class mates were unfamiliar with clogging so it increased interest level and focused on a dance versus a sport.

I feel that overall the lesson ran smoothly and was well organized (see verbal transcript). The instant activity kept students moving and gave me the opportunity to visually assess the skill level of the class, when moving and keeping a beat/rhythm. The visual aid was large and color coded for easy understanding. The aid showed a clear break down of the steps we learned and what foot lead each step. Using a variety of mini progressions in the beginning was successful in having the whole class learn the two basic steps, which combined differently, made up each cue. Adding a few extra steps and reinforcing the syllables with our cues increased the success rate in the group overall. Michelle was able to incorporate intra task variation quickly during her lesson because the basic steps I covered were understood initially.

In order to improve this lesson, I would have to overcome the challenge of providing all students with the ability to tap and produce sound. An idea of a stretchy strap or rubberband with a metal piece or coin attatched; this could easily be placed around the shoe or sneaker to make a tap noise. This would increase the success rate of the students by adding an extra form of feedback to the dance. The tap sound being produced enhances the students ability in timing and successful repetition of the step.


Anonymous said...

You have great control over what you want the students to know. Your warm up was a good idea that went well with your lesson plan. It was clean and clear and did not take that long for you to get to the students. The music is a really good idea too, when you put that on your students will jump right into what you want to teach them. Good idea for showing the whole dance so that the students know what you plan on having them do. When you start the dance make sure that you point out the cues that you want the students to know. If it is the double step then tell them that is the cues. Very well at going in progressions too. Started out with the first basic steps and worked into the whole dance. This would be a good lesson if you had more time to really have the students teach each other. Putting them in groups and letting each of them to give feedback to each other this is a great way of checking for understanding. The lesson was very good and given a lot of information. Your voice was very clear and loud but not too much overpowering. When you are giving the information though tell some of the students that they are going the cues right while you are standing in front of them. That is wher you can give your feedback.

Stephen Yang said...

Russ, Great breakdown and feedback. What are your responses Mindy to what Russ mentioned? Where are your feedback and lesson plan docs?