Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Cortland Phys. Ed. Fun MINI-Conference!!

Spice Up Your Warm Ups:
When I was kid I know my imagination ran wild. I used to pretend to be my favorite animal and go on all kinds of adventures. Well what happened to my imagination now and how can I relate it to my kids in the class room to make my lessons more fun? Steven, an APEM officer, presented ideas based around just this concept. We took an entire adventure throught the water, woods, and wildlife without a single prop and completed a heart pounding warm up at the same time. It reminded me not just to find fun games but to use the imagination to make it interesting.
Another officer, James, came up with a fun game called Fitness Flip Cup. Instead of having the same warm up each class (5min run, 20 sit ups and push ups, stretching) he used cues on the top and bottom of plastic cups. Your team either has to try and get all the cups facing up or down by completing the activity on the card and flipping it to your side. Competition, basic skill completion and constant movement by everyone makes this warm up a good refrence to build upon.
Personally I enjoy rhythm and dance so a simple warm up presented by the president of the PE Majors Club, Nicole was great. She had everyone copy her dance movement but they couldn't start until she moved on to the next dance. Every 8 bars of music she would switch to a new dance and we would copy the previous. It increased heart rate, was easily adaptable and everyone was involved and looking silly at the same time.
GO APEM! Great Job Presenting!!

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