Friday, October 24, 2008

Phys. Ed. Fun Soccer Style!!

During the open gym time that we had available toward the end of our third lab I noticed a significant difference between ability and age between two students. I approached Mel, an 11 year old girl, who was playing with a soccer ball by herself. I asked if I could join and we began to pass the ball back and forth. After a few passes she noticed a trick/footwork that I doing when I got the ball and I asked her if she wanted to learn how. She was so excited and eager to learn. I showed her how to correctly perform the trick two times by placing my foot on top of the ball, snapping my foot down so the ball rolled towards me and using my toes to pop it up in the air for a pass or so you can kick it in the air to your partner. I was shocked when she tried it only two times and mastered it. Mel soon became board with the trick so I began to pass the ball with another girl named Mary Kate. Mary Kate said she was only 5 years old and didn’t know how to play soccer. I asked her to first kick it with her toes and then the inside of her foot and she caught on quickly. After a few passes she asked how to perform the trick I had shown Mel. I demonstrated two times again and she attempted to copy me however, Mary Kate tried multiple attempts and couldn’t master the skill. I demonstrated that you have to push the ball down so it spins back toward your foot and I tried to explain it another way but she became very frustrated the more I tried to help her. She eventually asked if we could play a different game and became very discouraged. I have to find a way to prevent this or maybe instead of just a demonstration I could have done a progression.

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