Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Phys. Ed. Fun at St. Mary's!!

Day 1: As we approached the playground I could feel the butterflies welling up inside. About twenty pre-K students awaited our aquaintence. Our only tasks were to get to know some of the kids and play!! I began looking around and found a girl crying under the slide. Her shoe had falled off and she was feeling home sick. I started to panic a little and called for one of her teachers but the chaos that surrounded us prevented that. I introduced myself and got down to her level under the slide and asked if I could help. She timidly crawled out from her refuge and stopped crying as I replaced her shoe. I reminded her that Mom or Dad would be here shortly to pick her up and that we should play a game while we wait. It was a good feeling and confidence booster to conquer such a task and hopefully brighten her day, if only in a small insignificant way. We began to rally together some of our friends for a game of Duck Duck Goose and her parents came to pick her up soon after.

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